Want us to review your play?

Do you want EFR to review your play? We are the only reviewing body that tries to review on request – if you want your show to be included, it’s easy!

Firstly, set up an account – if you don’t already have an account with edfringereview.com (or one of our sister sites at Bristol, Cambridge, Durham or Oxford (see ‘About us’ for an explanation)) it’s very easy to create one. This enables you to upload all the info about your show, and control your event profile. Please enter all the details about your event as requested with as much info as possible, and as soon as possible!

We ask you to provide us with three options when you’d be happy to have reviewers along; we will be in touch shortly to let you know when we’ll be there. For the performance we ask that you reserve two complimentary tickets for two EFR reviewers. NB. Unfortunately, we are unable to get Ed Fringe's media accreditation for our reviewers: they will only grant it to a very few reviewers that have already reviewed for us at the Fringe, which contravenes our aim to encourage new journalistic talent and cover as many plays as possible across the Festival. As such, once we have confirmed which date EFR reviewers will be attending, you will need to liaise with venues directly to confirm that you are happy to reserve EFR complimentary reviewing. If you have any further queries, please do get in touch at editor@edfringereview.com.

Sending two reviewers to each show is a big part of the ethos of Online Theatre Review: we aim to create conversation and debate among theatregoers, as well as providing a more accurate representation of a play’s effect on its audience. This year we are bringing a team of around 40 student reviewers to Edinburgh, gathered from our sites in Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol and Durham. Their reviews of 300-500 words will be published the day after the performance, allowing you to gain feedback very quickly which can be used to further promote your show.

Throughout the festival the EFR team will be working hard to promote not only our site, but your show. Clad in our instantly recognisable, intensely bright red jumpers (you can’t miss us!) we will be handing out copious numbers of flyers on the Royal Mile. We really hope that, through our combined efforts, your production will receive more comprehensive coverage throughout the Festival, and together we can encourage Edinburgh’s theatregoers to ‘Find the Real Fringe’!

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