Loose Brie Solve Everything

Mon 6th – Sat 25th August 2018


Louis Harnett O'Meara

at 14:29 on 17th Aug 2018



“It’s been a weird show.” These are the words I take home from ‘Loose Brie Solve Everything’ – although the image I took home burned a much deeper hole into my brain. I won’t go too far into it, but safe to say I’m (sort of?) glad they shave their arses.

‘Loose Brie’ is a mustachioed comedy bromance duo made up of the shiny-headed Martin Willis and the petite Phil Lindsey. Think 118 men. The pair pursue a slightly guy-ish comedy routine that purports to ‘Solve Everything’, problems mighty and small. Having lived in a tiny flat together for years, this pair have developed an extremely effective mechanism for handling any issue that might come their way: repress any difficult feelings, hide your thoughts, if something upsets you then just keep quiet. Of course, the sentiment is exactly the opposite. The pair are really recounting the story of how they had to learn to communicate with one another properly – it’s not healthy to be a manly man and push everything down.

Their humour matched their sentiment. It was clearly the work of a couple of guys who spent a lot of their time drinking lager and shooting breeze – they even have a PowerPoint display to prove it. The banter is quick and easy, a lot of the jokes are impeccably dumb, and bums feature in a big way. But there's also something heartfelt behind it, which, as they point out, guys tend to veer away from. They embrace the cheesy emotional moments even as they parry them away with schoolboy humour, creating a refreshing dynamic.

It’s worth mentioning that a large group in the row in front of me could hardly speak a word of English – as Phil mentioned, “it would be nice to have a full audience with English as maybe just their second language.” But while it might have been hard to earn a laugh from the Spaniards, their presence added to the ridiculousness of the whole performance for me. 'Loose Brie' upped their physical comedy routine for them, and threw a few jokes right over their heads for our amusement – although the finale did have them all running out of the room before the lights had dimmed.

It’s a shame I didn’t see the show when it was packed. I could imagine ‘Loose Brie’ having a crowd in pieces by the end – but what I did see I thought was great. I would definitely recommend popping down to the Newsroom on the weekend to catch this pair. Besides being funny, they both seem like genuinely likeable guys. Just make sure you’ve got a pint when you go – there’s a point when you’re definitely going to need it.


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