Everything Wrong With You Is Beautiful

Sat 4th – Sun 26th August 2018


Verity Kim

at 08:29 on 16th Aug 2018



In ‘Everything Wrong With You Is Beautiful,’ Tina Sederholm weaves personal experiences of failure, imperfection and insecurity into a tapestry for her quiet but stiflingly intricate one-woman show. The performance opens on Sederholm on a dimly lit stage placing significant objects from her past on a table. It felt like I was entering into a hidden, shady corner of her mind. The small venue added to the effect, accentuating the intimacy of the performance.

Over the course of an hour Tina Sederholm delves into formative moments of her life, discussing her relationship with her parents and her struggles with creating art. But at the core of the performance lies a heartrending investigation of her own identity. She looks into the audience, confessing the difficulties of being your ‘true self’ when that self, unfortunately, takes the form of a poet. There is unbelievable authenticity to her performance, and I felt like I was listening to a realtime confession from a close friend rather than a rehearsed performance.

The strongest element of the 'Everything Wrong With You is Beautiful' is Tina Sederholm’s ability to craft incredibly precise, provocative images with her words. As I listened to her describe a childhood memory of being stranded on a Swedish beach, it was as if I too was breathing in the salty air, trapped in the same state of anxiety and panic. Each sentence led into the next at a breathtaking pace, and the show was interspersed lighthearted humour with devastating sincerity. Tina Sederholm does not fall too deeply into the trap of clichés or sentimentalism (though not entirely managing to avoid them), and her performance maintains a line of emotional authenticity through and through.

‘Everything Wrong With You Is Beautiful’ is a show that has true heart, and it exhibits the power of intimacy and small art. I urge you to go see this show – get away from the bustling business of the city, grab a drink, and take a stroll into the truly fascinating world of Tina Sederholm.


Rowan Evans

at 09:26 on 16th Aug 2018



Doubt can cling on to creators throughout their career. ‘Everything Wrong With You is Beautiful’ attempts to take that doubt, find its cause, and rip it out. Tina Sederholm’s work is an exploration of her life which aims to take her mistakes and turn them into something she is proud of.

It makes sense that something so personal would be performed alone. Sederholm stood in the centre of the stage surrounded by the minimal set she had chosen. A table with sand and buckets on the left, a table with a trophy and dressage paraphernalia on the right.

These items worked well as fixation points. The buckets and sand became a conduit to which the central memory of the piece was explored: a memory which Sederholm shaped and changed during the course of the show.

She talked about the time she was left alone on the beach at three years old as a root cause of much of her self-criticism. Her feeling that she was always doing something wrong. This was a reoccurring through-line in the performance – each time I heard the sound of the waves it triggered something in me also.

This made the performance engaging throughout, although more could have been done to bring the rest of the show into focus. It did not resonate with me as much as it deserved to: it felt, at times, surface level.

This exemplified itself most in some of the attempts at humour. While light-hearted in general, certain jokes were too forced. Frantic acting-out of the Edinburgh fringe experience had funny parts, but was otherwise fell flat. These moments stuck out to me, making the show feel messier than it was.

This, however, did not detract from the overarching message of self-affirmation. Through the acceptance of her mistakes, Sederholm has made something compelling.


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