Fitting Image

Thu 2nd – Sun 26th August 2018


Tamzin Kerslake

at 09:01 on 13th Aug 2018



I loved Lisanne Fridsma’s show. As I write this I am still smiling thinking about it. She is the new comedian that I will be raving to my friends about. Her audience was mainly female-centric, yet from the scattered males you could see a look of enjoyment on their faces too. This is inclusive and warming comedy at its best: the perfect way to start your night with a light stand-up based on the experiences of this Dutch comedian's travels and adventures in finding herself. I was drawn in and did not take any notes – partly due to the very small venue – but just wanted to sit back and enjoy an hour with my new favourite comedian.

Wholesome and whole-heartedly funny, Fridsma captivated the audience with her charm and charisma. Sitting in the very small venue at the City Café, I felt like I was being welcomed in by an old friend. Her stories about travelling abroad, Furries and Jaffa Cake liberation were warm and a wonderful change from the harsh political stand up that is so prevalent these days. I was smiling the whole way through. Her lines were delivered with perfect timing and her stories’ punchlines never once faltered. She did not fall flat once.

Her message of self-love was loud and clear without coming across as condescending and suffocating. Touching lightly upon bravery and courage through the medium of slight self-deprecation, she balanced the comedy with the message perfectly. I was instantly taken by her and by the end of the production I assumed we were best friends ready to take on the world in foreign spas and dance classes.

I want to give this woman a bigger stage. Yet, I also loved the intimacy of the performance and would not want that to be lost. Therefore, give me a glass of wine, a slice of cake, and Lisanne Fridsma on Netflix. She brightened my evening and left me feeling glad all over.


Eleanor Gunn

at 09:17 on 13th Aug 2018



‘Fitting Image’ at City Café is a very intimate, very funny, stand up show from Lisanne Fridsma. We were sat in the Nineties room which, at a push, would fit 20 people. There were about 15 of us there that night, but this number suited Lisanne – she was able to really connect with all of us, any larger and she would have lost her impact. Though I do wish more people could have seen it.

‘Fitting Image’s main theme concerned the difficulties of learning to fit in, while also remaining true to yourself. Fridsma explored the struggles of moving to a new country, the soul-searching journeys to foreign lands – and Furries… This was a show of wholesome comedy, which took no one as its target.

The jokes were well delivered, and the entire of the tiny audience spent most of their time in stitches. The intimacy meant that you really began to feel as though you were having a conversation with you friend rather than watching a performance.

One of the best parts was the self-love that Fridsma exuded. She explained to us that in her past a man had told her that “someone like her” was brave to get up on stage and dance. It knocked her confidence, and she gave up her dancing for a time. But the words of one of her friends once she got to England, that there was a dance class she just must try, meant that she found herself going to pole-dancing classes soon enough. Deciding pretty quickly it wasn’t for her, she moved on to Zumba and Jazz. She even treated her audience to a dance routine at the end of her show, proving once and for all that “someone like her” can dance as much as they please.

Go check out this show if you’re into misadventure and pink kangaroos, it is a wonderfully wholesome show and the small setting gives it a special feel. Congratulations to Fridsma for dancing however she wants – hopefully we’ll see more of her in the future!


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