Love Like 90s RnB

Thu 2nd – Sat 25th August 2018


Olivia Cooke

at 14:50 on 14th Aug 2018



This was, hands down, both the funnest and funniest show that I have had the joy of seeing at the Fringe. After a day of relentless Scottish downpour, the production was a perfect pick-me-up.

‘Love Like 90s R ‘n’ B’ is a booty-shaking hour of big beats, funky rhythms and Boyz II Men. Performed solely by the fantastic Larissa Moran, Larissa recounts her experiences of growing up as a 90s kid through the medium of 90s R ‘n’ B songs.

Joined by her ukulele (“Luke”), Larissa flawlessly nailed a range of ultimate R ‘n’ B ballads, seamlessly transitioning from Salt N Peppa to No Scrubs in an instant. Aided by a tech team which consisted of two DJs, hit after hit blared out of the massive speakers by the side of the stage, as we were encouraged to do some “rump-shaking”. Moran made it a priority to establish a relationship with her audience by frequently getting people up on stage to help her with her performance. Chocolate bars were thrown out to the winners of the interspersed dance competitions that Larissa held throughout her performance.

Despite being an incredibly comedic show, Moran’s depiction of her formative years allowed the audience to share a level of intimacy with her. We revel in her love for Will Smith’s ‘Gettin Jiggy Wit It’ and in her distaste for R Kelly’s ‘Bump N Grind’ - “No means NO R Kelly” Moran cheekily jests during her performance. The comedic anecdotes of her childhood run in an order which marries well with her musical performances.

‘Love Like 90s R ‘n’ B’ is a fun and fast-paced musical odyssey. Moran’s production - from her hilarious comedy to her slick tech - is guaranteed to get the party started and put anyone in a good mood. This show proved to be a fantastic opportunity to psyche myself up before my last night out in Edinburgh. This is definitely a show not to be missed!


Eleanor Gunn

at 16:42 on 14th Aug 2018



Held in the quirky Fireside Arch III stage, ‘Love Like 90s R’n’B’ promised to be a funny throwback to the simpler time of Salt-n-Pepa and shell suits.

The Fireside Bar is a pop-up venue, only around until the end of the Fringe. An outside area filled with food stalls and an open fire lead into a bar situated in a large vaulted space. The stage itself was reminiscent of a cellar, but the atmosphere was far from cold.

Larissa Moran grew up in the 90s, and this show is a story of her romantic education, told through classic R’n’B tunes. Armed with Luke the ukulele, and her trusty Dj, Moran takes her audience back to a time where R Kelly still had fans, and wide legged pants were still considered fashionable.

From the get-go the audience are told that participation isn’t just encouraged, it’s mandatory. Keep an ear out for the DJ's interruptions, where you’ll have to shake your rump in the hopes of winning a special prize.

It was perhaps a mistake to sit on the front row, and an even bigger mistake to make eye-contact with Moran while she was looking for willing volunteers to play a R’n’B version of family feud. Another audience member and I were dragged up onto the stage and asked to answer R’n’B trivia. Unfortunately, both of us had been born too late to call ourselves 90s kids, so a phone a friend was necessary.

Part of Moran’s aim was not just to have a throwback, but to educate those who don’t know the beauty of R’n’B about its merits. After a shaky start with my lack of trivia knowledge I feel that I have come away with a new appreciation for what is, according to Moran, one of the greatest eras in music.

This show was part stand-up, part dance party, part sing-along, and 100% fun. This is free fringe at it’s finest and from the sounds of it Moran has been receiving incredible feedback. Over the weekend her show was so packed there was barely room for all the rump-shaking!

Head down to the arches early to check out the bar and surrounding area, and to make sure that you get a spot. You'll want to do as much dancing as possible before the end of the show.


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