I Can Make You Feel Good. By Comparison.

Thu 2nd – Sun 26th August 2018


Georgina Macrae

at 02:21 on 18th Aug 2018



Charlie is a funny guy. I wish I just meant in the comedy sense, but I find his taste in comedy and humour bizarre, and at times uncomfortable.

All of our hands were numbered at the start of 'I Can Make You Feel Good. By Comparison.' This actually strikes me as an innovative way of interacting with every audience member, and making an energetic first impression. It takes a little while but it gives emphasis to the intimate nature of this stand-up.

Without outlining his whole set (though I don’t think that would take very long) the "brand ambassador" jokes were quite fun, and the observation of whether you’ve ever come across an “incongruous Chinese restaurant?” These comments on everyday life and our habits were quite well-aimed, but they did not gel with his voice changes, or with his DJ-ing.

This man can live loop really well. I’ve never used the term ‘live loop’ before, but for those who (like myself) do not know much about all things DJ, it’s using pieces of tech. to record (and sometimes manipulate) his voice, then set them on repeat, and manipulate them further if and when he chooses. He never leaves his tracks on for very long, but layers live-recorded vocal sounds quickly and efficiently. He always connects them to his gags. It’s nice to see shows where comedians exhibit other well-tuned skills and talents like this, as opposed to firing blank jokes at an audience.

The show, we are told, follows a shape to end on “AN ENERGY TRIUMPH”. Capitals might not be necessary, but if you go to the show you may well agree that they’re appropriate. This shape has, Charlie informs us, a dip in the middle for worse jokes. I agree with him that the show gets worse in the middle, but I cannot say that it picks up again at the end. It starts on a high - and the live music is consistently great - but the quality and consistency of the humour flails and does not ever recover its initial level. The whole audience seemed to agree. The show spirals a bit, but I congratulate Charlie on sustaining perky energy levels and I hope he continues to fashion his own type of comedy show. Stick with the live-looping and maybe an accent.


Ella Kemp

at 09:54 on 18th Aug 2018



Charlie Partridge is not a German name. Rhiannon doesn’t really seem like a German name either. But like in love, 'I Can Make You Feel Good. By Comparison’ will do anything to make a good first impression.

Comedian-cum-voiceover aficionado Partridge takes the stage in a dinner jacket, short shorts and square sunglasses as he warms up for his trip down memory lane, to which we are all invited. He sets up his ironing board and loop-pedal machine and starts his funny musical montage. It’s a shame that technical difficulties distract from his clear musical creativity.

Beatboxing and musical mash-ups give Patridge’s show an unexpected edge, a Bo Burnham-type potential for intrigue with each new rhyming verse. Unfortunately it’s a different story once the music stops.

Retelling the story of his relationship with Rhiannon, Partridge laments over the lengths he went to and feelings he faced when reckoning with the love of his life. But his desperation rarely manages to stir sympathy - stories of orgies and festival gigs falling flat because of his hurried storytelling skills which have plenty of spontaneity but somewhat lack style.

The anecdotes that colour Patridge’s wild adventure probably only seem wild if you’ve lived through them yourself, or can see tangible proof by the end of the show that it wasn’t all a dream. His words aren’t particularly invigorating or stirring - the resounding message of good intentions and determination against all odds is nice; but it doesn’t feel like Partridge is the one to set such an example.

The show isn’t cocky. It taps into Partridge’s self-deprecation and his understanding of how people might dismiss his thoughts, but feel comforted by the fact that their own are probably better. There’s no heartbreaking revelation, but at least Partridge probably won’t be too surprised by this criticism. He set it up himself.


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