The Edinburgh Revue Sketch Show

Tue 14th – Sat 25th August 2012


Ellen Smyth

at 10:04 on 18th Aug 2012



The Edinburgh Revue sketch group is a talented troupe indeed. These guys present clever, original material combined with sharp delivery and a high energy performance. The show gets off to a promising start with simple props, signs and impersonations. What a great show: a lovable, excitable sketch group.

The Game Show sketch is brilliant and laugh out loud funny – all three involved proving themselves to have great delivery and be highly expressive. Keep your eyes peeled for the blanket sketch – cheeky, and comical, Adam Todd is a star in the making. (And his mild nudity is an additional bonus). This blanket sketch definitely got the most laughs: silly, to the point and effective this was the highlight of the show.

Katia Kvinge is a superstar – a natural comic, highly entertaining and fabulously versatile. She is the making of every sketch she’s in. The gang gel well but are let down by their venue - I feel as though the Banshee Labyrinth limits what they can do. They use it to the best they can but have huge potential to develop if they could find a better stage. So thumbs up for coping so well with a limited space.

It is surprising that the circus sketch features so near the start since it is quite weak and there is far funnier material to come. Saying that, there is definitely some kind of ‘objects we find funny in the household’ theme that I enjoyed less than the rest of the show. From irons to hoovers to cleaning products, there is certainly variety. But the Dettol Project sketch is too long and there is only so much talking bacteria that sounds like Count Dracula that one person can take.

This gang of students from Edinburgh University are worth a visit for an entertaining, free hour of comedy.


Jessica Reid

at 11:46 on 18th Aug 2012



The Edinburgh Revue sketch show begins well, with a series of hilarious tableaux underscored by jolly music. After its extremely punchy opening, there is an hour of short sketches, which vary in their quality. There are several fabulous sketches, particularly the perfume advert, the 'Prove Your Love' gameshow and the children’s TV presenters. The latter demonstrated their acting and singing abilities as well as their talent as comedians.

The problem with the show is that many of the sketches are very similar. The majority feature an overzealous bubbly hostess and while they are still funny, they are not enhanced by the element of surprise integral to any good joke. Other characters – such as the dull ‘lad’ - reappear time and time again too, barely disguised by different names. Several of the sketches are also very slapstick which is sometimes effective, like the hoover sketch or the cat sketch, but less so in the cycling sketch or in the highly abrasive Kim sketch.

Some sketches are clever but just not that funny – like the Iron sketch or the Dentist sketch. There is also the issue that some of the performers are better than others (Adam Todd is by far the most convincing comedian) with a more attuned sense of comic timing or with a more varied repertoire of roles and skills to utilise. Consequently, many of the sketches slightly fail to hit the mark – they are entertaining but rarely side-splittingly hilarious.

For a free show, however, the Edinburgh Revue Show is a fun and enjoyable way to spend an hour.


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