Am I Good Friend?

Sat 4th – Sat 25th August 2012


Hannah Buckley

at 22:50 on 4th Aug 2012



Entering the venue with my audience participation card in hand, I was faced straight away with the wackiness of Yve Blake. ‘I’m Stage manager! Stage manager!!’ she kept informing us, and I loved how she interacted with the audience as people were filing in. Once everyone had sat down, she began. Indeed, what she began is a treat to see.

The show is slightly philosophical and slightly scientific, but mostly it is just a barrel of laughs. Blake is exploring what it means to define ‘good friend’, and whether she fits into this category. The show is comical, but she bases the scientific experiment on herself and her own life, so there is an honesty and openness within the show making it all the more appealing. She uses film, sound and powerpoint to show her research into and analysis of her ‘life data’ for friendship. I loved the way that she incorporated silly friendships at primary school and the questionable friendships found on Facebook: the reference to such things means that the show can be enjoyed by all ages. There is a more intellectual side to the show for the adults to enjoy, but Blake’s weird and wonderful presentations of her science and her interactions with the audience make it perfect for kids as well.

There are lots of props and costume which were used by Blake, and there is the danger of the show’s flow being disrupted by them. However, Blake did not fall into this trap. Any glitches with the props that occurred were quickly avoided and moved on from. As a result, the use of props had a great effect both to portray the comedy of the show to the audience and the storyline.

A great set of writing and acting shows Yve Blake at only 19 to be a very talented young lady. The show is brilliant and the audience were all laughing from the beginning to the end. It is very wacky, entertaining and clever. I would pay to see this show again and, as it's a free show, it is not one to be missed.


Oliver Arnoldi

at 08:41 on 5th Aug 2012



This is a weird one, a very weird one. And it’s hard to tell whether the type of weird that emerges from nineteen year old Yve Blake’s debut Edinburgh show, ‘Am I Good Friend?”, is good or bad.

Non sequitur after non sequitur characterises this interactive performance, as Blake takes the audience through a comically lecture-like deconstruction of what it means to be a good friend, or more precisely, ‘good friend’. Over sixty-minutes, Blake proves that, other than having a disregard for indefinite articles, comedy can still be effective when it does not make sense. She flits from a photo-montage of her youth to an impromptu dance (gyration seems to be one of her trademarks), then onto a mash-up of Skype conversations asking friends which of her qualities they dislike, and then back to an impromptu dance. More impromptu dances follow. And then some nipple tassels.

On paper this sounds terrible (or arousing, or both), but it is a reflection of the comic pedigree of Blake that she can keep an audience entertained by doing very little. Her show does not have a structured path, nor does it necessarily wish to cater for all tastes, but throughout it exudes an intangible quality of being able to captivate and baffle in equal measure. One moment she will be grinding her nose against a toy tomahawk, the next she will be rubbing her palms on top of the heads of audience members. It is quite hard to imagine how this makes someone laugh but, testament to her, it does.

It is clear that Yve Blake is one to watch; she has a resounding stage presence and her brilliant oddity is reinforced as much by her body language, as it is by the witticisms that come from her mouth. ‘Am I Good Friend?’ however, although highlighting the very high comic capabilities of Blake, seemed at times to confuse a little too much.


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