The Nualas in 'Hello Again, We're The Nualas'

Wed 30th July – Mon 25th August 2014


Sarah GIlbert

at 09:10 on 10th Aug 2014



In spite of the now apparent hype (the show was an undoubted sell-out), I had not heard of The Nualas before I reached the Fringe this year. I am now able only to put that down to my lack of contact with Irish comedy, given the clear committed Irish following in attendance.

The Nualas are a comedy trio consisting of three women with guitars in hand, hailing from an Irish village in which everybody seems to be named Nuala (apart from the men; the men are called something that sounded something like ‘Fenton’). Based on their attire, it also seems to be the rule that everybody need sport a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. Either that or it is the fashion (though, given the general tone of the performance, this is doubtful). So. These are the Nualas. Wave hello.

This show is fun and frivolous. The jokes - perhaps overdone, and a little uninspired (think onomatopoeias and jokes about the menopause and farming, and you’ll be somewhere close to the right line), instill laughs nonetheless, and the songs are pretty funny too. Verdict: the trio can sing, can dance, do have charisma but don’t have shame. They are a light, moderately inoffensive relief. And I am thankful.

At times the show swerves fiercely close to cabaret-comedy cliché, but perhaps that is what makes the Nualas so peculiarly impressive. They tread close to its precipice, and fall over the edge, but in precisely the opposite direction. It would be foolish to doubt their popularity and it has to be said that they do have that certain clichéd charm. Though their attempt at rapping is rather painful.

I thought they were funny. There is a chance that you may too. I suggest that you head over and say hello to the Nualas.


Gender Trouble

at 13:35 on 10th Aug 2014



Irish girl trio sensation, 'The Nualas' had a six year sell out at The Fringe from 1996 to 2001 - when you see their show, it's clear why.

Strutting onto the stage in tacky sequin dresses from Lidl whilst lip syncing to Lady Gaga was a good way of getting the audience in hysterics. Their act included musical hits ('I Got my baby on Ebay') followed by sassy comedic interludes and the all too funny attacks on audience members. This included a man in the front row to whom one of the Nualas said 'Shite, that's my boyfriend and his wife', and latterly a family from Staffordshire ("where are your terriers?").

The trio are clearly confident and experienced, and never failed to deliver wittiness - "Beware of chirozo in Lidl, it's the Magaluf of the sausage world" was one of many lines that had the audience in stitches.

It wasn't just the content of their jokes that proved comedic, it was also the way they were delivered. All three women had perfect comic timing; a hilarious example of this was when the Nualas put on police hats and one of them said "Cheryl Cole said we could have whatever we wanted and well (pause) this is the only thing that fits".

That said, at times some of the girls' jokes could be a tad cliched ("Who's Irish here? Ah, at the back - always the one's who are late"), inducing mere patters of laughter as opposed to previous hysterics. Some lines could perhaps be a little politically wayward (Nuala 1: "We're talking about the family, the mammas, the papas, the children. Nuala 2: "What about me I'm adopted?"), however one would be missing the point of the show by taking it too seriously. The whole thing was permeated by utter silliness, culminating in the mesmeric imitation of an Irish ballad at the end of the show. Saucy, sassy, racy and ridiculous. An absolute laugh well worth seeing.


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