James Loveridge and other Losers - Free

Wed 24th – Sat 27th August 2011


Bethany Knibb

at 13:42 on 24th Aug 2011



If you haven’t ventured north of Princes Street yet, I implore you to see this show. Not only will it get you out of the swamped Old Town, but “James Loveridge and Other Losers” (currently Luke Capasso) is some of the best free comedy around. In fact, it’s even better than quite a lot of comedy I’ve paid for.

In his opening, Luke Capasso establishes this as a bit of a boys’ show (nothing untoward, just some ball-related humour that might miss the mark for the more sensitive among us) and this is only reinforced by James Loveridge’s subsequent set. If this is your sort of thing, then you’ll love these two. There’s a lot of “adult humour”, let’s call it, but much of it is presented in true-story format which makes it less try-hard and much more funny.

Luke and James complement each other very well – Luke is quieter and more measured, and his laughs come from his facial expressions and the humour in what he says (in general) rather than from his delivery. In the other corner, James is an animated story teller; an entertainer. His jokes and asides are self-deprecating and sharp, and delivered in such a manner that makes it difficult not to laugh along.

Sadly, and like many of the other Festival acts, their flyer does them no justice – these two have produced an excellent Edinburgh debut that definitely makes it worth dropping into Jekyll and Hyde for.


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