Put a Sock in It

Mon 22nd – Sat 27th August 2011


Bethany Knibb

at 11:21 on 23rd Aug 2011



One of the best things about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is that productions come up from all over the country. The review that “Put a Sock in It” pulled to use in its blurb was written for the Dorset Echo. Also interesting, is the fact that the review is presumably for a different production, because this is (quite aside from the other claims) NOT physical theatre. When prompted to put themselves into a category, they choose “absurdist” and “devised”, which I would say is about right.

It's quite bizarre - please don’t worry if you think it looks too serious and preachy from the programme, Patchwork Theatre Company have made sure they don’t actually approach the dour subject of global warming at all in this piece.

Actually, the play isn’t really about socks either – while I had expected (as one might) that this production would be about global warming, the ice caps melting, water wastage etc. etc... I was wrong. That is to say, the sock-ban idea in the blurb is only really suggested about 35 minutes into the 50-minute play. Personally, I would have preferred to see this concept developed sooner and further.

So it begs the question: what's it actually about? The bulk of “Put a Sock in it” was in fact the story of the odd characters who live in small village “Titswilly” (...sadly not my kind of humour), whose lives we follow as they try to win the “Eco-friendly Village of the Year” award. There are some funny touches (the audience were enjoying the humour more than I was) and I actually thought the acting was largely good. Rebecca Ayles was a highlight as she played a number of different characters (which is the more impressive considering she barely had any lines!).

I’d say the main weakness in this production for me was the script, and at times the delivery. I would, however, be quite genuinely thrilled to go on a night out with the cast, because their dancing is top notch.


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