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Peter Michael Marino is NYC-based, award-winning solo show teacher, director, producer and performer. He's the creator and co-producer of SOLOCOM, which has launched over 500 world-premiere, international solo comedies at The People's Improv Theater. Solo show directing credits include: Amy Marcs' Nice T*ts, Mark Demayo's 20 & Out, Mark Giordano's Mad Man and dozens more. His long-running solo comedy Desperately Seeking the Exit chronicled the unmaking of his West End musical flop Desperately Seeking Susan; receiving 5-star reviews and a London transfer. His 2015 solo chat show spoof, Late with Lance!, played everywhere from London to Orlando. His current solo show deconstruction, Show Up, is improvised and about the audience and tours in 2017-2018. Pete's production company PM2 Entertainment, has recently presented trumpcon: A Performance Festival of Yuge Proportions at The Kraine, The Unofficial Upper East Side EdFest at Ryan's Daughter, David Mills: Shame!, Jason Kravits' Off the Top!, LA comedy duo Moby Alpha, the NYC premiere of Joe's NYC Bar, and the acclaimed solo show hit David Carl's Celebrity One-Man Hamlet.

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