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Same Old Same Oldies

What do you get when you place three Northerners and Southerners in one nursing home?

A bloody barney!

Three British Northerners and Southerners residing in one nursing home. How could they possibly get along? Brimming with awkward disputes and one particular loud mouth amongst the group, these oldies always find something to complain about. A cup of tea may define you in this house. Whether they make you laugh or make you cry these colourful characters will find a way to touch your heart. Sit back, relax and watch the barney unfold.

Same Old Same Oldies takes the route of black comedy, tackling difficult subject matter whilst also ‘tekking piss’ of the rest. Although mainly set naturalistically, the play veers into the absurd with an unusual twist making these oldies not quite what they seem.

Listings Information

Venue: TheSpace @Venue45

Dates: 14/16/18/21/23/25 August

Time: 17:05

Ticket prices: £6/8 (Free comp tickets)

Suitable for ages 14+ (parental guidance) Includes swearing

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Director and writer: Marissa Landy


Kyle Murphy as Alfie

Eloina Haines as Mavis

Melissa Rutnager as Leslie

Hannah Burke as Rose

Brontë Kazim as Viccy

Jennie Martin as Olive

Jasmine Bullock as Rita

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