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AVAILABLE REVIEW DATES: August 21st - August 24th


Join Gaulier-trained clowns, Space Carrots, on their intergalactic quest to find the mythical legend that is Keith. Combining clown, physical theatre and fantasy, follow this group on a joyful trip into the unknown. Other Gaulier alumni include: Dr Brown, Trygve Wakenshaw and Plague of Idiots.

Following the fun and constantly changing before the audience's eyes, the foundation of the show centers around playing with the spirit of a child and getting things wrong. Too often we try to make sense of everything, rather than enjoying the ridiculous world that's been thrust upon us. 

Hailing from The UK, Germany, USA, Canada and Taiwan, this international band of idiots appeals to audiences of all shapes and sizes. Suitable for children of all ages and equally as entertaining for adults, The Space Carrots remind everyone what it's like to let go of being right or wrong and just play.

"I've never seen something so stupid yet so beautiful in my life" - Audience Member

"There is absurd, crazy, nonsense and foolish comedy.. And then there is this. One of the most idiotic performance I've ever seen. Ultimate shame, full of disbelief, shaking my head.. And for some reason I still found myself laughing the whole time. 'Goodness me; this looks like a business meeting!' I'll never forget that" - Audience Member

"You're not funny, you've never been funny and you never will be funny. Doing a clown show is the most idiot idea I've ever heard.. Top, top idiot" - Philippe Gaulier


NAME: Space Carrots present: Where's Keith?

DATES: August 8th to August 29th

TIME: 19:10 - 20:10

LOCATION: Silk Nightclub - Lower (Venue 444) 


Looking forward to hearing back from you guys. Feel free to come whenever!

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