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Singing, dancing and Crapping their way to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 are Queen Mary Theatre Company with their new satirical a cappella show, Crapappella.

Ever wondered what the worst possible a cappella show would look like? Well, us neither. But Crapappella - equipped with beige fleeces, colourful fanny packs and standard 4-part harmonies - are here to save you from ever wondering.

In its 11 brand-spanking new original songs, this show parodies happy-clappy vomit-inducing a cappella shows; there’s not a Pharrell Williams or an Uptown Funk in sight. Oh, no. Crapappella features songs like Ballad to Beige, The Comic Sans Song and Diarrhoea in an impressively average display of mediocrity comparable only to a stale Ryvita.

Come along to theSpace Venue 45 (63 Jeffrey Street, EH1 1DH - just off The Mile) on 16th, 18th, 20th, 23rd, 25th or 27th at 17:40 to experience crocs with socks, a song about runny poo and some pleasant harmonies (if you’re lucky).

Subverting the amateur a cappella show, Crapappella will take comedy music to a new level of beige mockery.

More info at, or head to our twitter @Crapappella.

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