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"Raise your glass, pull up your chair

Hear the words of audacity and flair

They come, quickly, their back bent low

To Canterbury is where they’ll go."

Preserving the immensely insightful human warmth of the original text, Lancaster Offshoots present a vividly exciting new adaptation of The Canterbury Tales which is a world premier at the Fringe.

Including original music, shadow theatre and puppetry, join the raucous band of pilgrims as they tell, perform and sing their tales in a hilarious and moving spectacle. This accessible adaptation, written by Andrew Ainscough and directed by Matthew Bosley, sensitively realises the perennial power The Canterbury Tales holds to communicate the triumphs and failings of community in a hectic contemporary world.

Returning to the Fringe this year, after incredible success with Dr Faustus (2010), Malfi (2011), and Trojan Women (2012) the company offer an engaging piece of new writing and original music, with all of the costume and set created from recycled materials.

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