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"The noise Nuts"

Flamenco dance show with live music

Objective: To demonstrate that flamenco can do without their ornaments and still remain evocative essence of feeling.

If theoretically can be independent of these sets, the project is shed and analyze these constructions which owns matters flamenco dance moves, costumes and implements, then, exploit and divest required only the leftovers. It also aims to stimulate the spectator interest in the pursuit of aesthetics of this art, as well as brutal and poignant nature.

Considering the findings of Lorca (Game Theory and the Goblin), art in general there is talk of angels and muses, in the case of flamenco, by invoking the Goblin, who brings marrow and spurts of blood forms filled pain and sincerity. For this scene the three aspects will differ also leading them to the painting, which will live while with a voiceover accompany the dance in the definition and differentiation between the angel, the muse and the Goblin.

Flamenco has characteristic shapes and ornaments that make him flamenco universally identify it as a particular art, manners and representative of a specific culture. However, it can often be confused, thinking that created flamingo ornaments, when in fact, what flamenco is exactly the feeling is universal, cross-cultural emotions. From this perspective, the work aims to realize the time that flamenco is laid bare, stripped of all unnecessary decoration, so that tests the limits that identify as Flemish art.

Its name, "The Nuts Noise" is an outcome of the adage "Much Ado Few Nuts" where during the show the director brings flamenco shows that much noise but also with many nuts.

One of the key elements to achieve the objectives set for the project is the participation of renowned dancer and artist of great renown José Galván, who tries to give a sample of the pure essence of this art in order to contrast it with the dynamic young of the Company, which can certainly be exemplary of how flamenco has evolved from more traditional positions the concept of characteristic modernized flamenco creations today.

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