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Douglas Adams said the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything was 42. Adams was wrong. Robert Coyle is 42 and he knows barely anything. But why let that get in the way of putting on a show. Watch Robert unashamedly bluster his way through the meaning of his life, the universe and everything. Find out what he has learnt and what still confounds him, what 42 years has told him about what really matters in this world, how to deal with joy vampires, and most importantly how to be genuinely happy at aged 42.

Robert has been attention seeking through the medium of comedy for the last 2 and a half years while trying to juggle the demands of a high-pressured advertising job with a growing social life involving a lot of sitting on back stairwells of Dublin comedy clubs drinking beer from cans. So when Robert was made redundant on his 42nd Birthday, being the energetically optimistic guy he is, his first thought wasn’t “how will I pay my massive mortgage now”, no - Roberts first thought was one of pure happiness at the prospect of being a full time stand-up comedian, even if the decision was made for him. But hey! If the universe throws you a few lemons the best thing to do is duck and let them lemons fly by.

If the brain exhaust of a Joyful, optimistic, married, childless, petless, massively in debt, care-free 42 year old sounds appealing then this is the comedian for you.

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