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Smash Castle Productions

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

PBH’s Free Fringe 2013

Masters of Drip

Dark, imaginative sketch comedy to captivate the curious mind.

Written, directed and performed solely by the Masters, Michael Friederich and Gavin Rankin, exclusively for the Fringe 2013. These young, eccentric gentleman have created an assortment of sketches involving absurdist characters in arbitrary situations. A strong comedic bond has seen these two forcibly entertaining people at university, parties and parks in Edinburgh. This disturbing behaviour has finally been confined to an hour each night in the Fiddlers Elbow. Completely independent from ‘The Man’, Masters of Drip promises originality that can only be created through the clashing of a popular music student and a film student, both with an enduring passion for drama.

Smash Castle productions present an erratic array of characters, utilised to crush the conventions of everyday manner. Listed in the theatre section, the Masters employ a foundation in theatrical performance, delivering sketches both humorous and engaging in content. The main theme of the show being Drip. Drip is by it’s nature difficult to discern, complex to condense and wild to endure. The Masters see drip as the zest that drives their writing. Whilst not having a complete hold on this enigmatic entity, they have invited an audience to discover drip for themselves.

This production is the result of a three year-long working relationship between the Masters. This began as lead roles for a Napier University Drama Society production which transformed into directors of a Roald Dahl Production, and finally to President and Vice President of the society. Glaswegian Gavin is an aficionado of film and photography with a penchant for the nuances of language. Capetonian Michael’s vice is music, he also has a RADA foundation and has spent time at LAMDA studying physical theatre. This creative pairing allows the Masters to take inspiration from various disciplines, delivering their work through a knowledge of the acting method.

Like all remarkable comedy, The Masters of Drip are influenced by a variety of art and experience. If comparing their style to other comedy acts, their incendiary relationship could be likened to Peter Cook and Dudley Moore of Derek & Clive, Fry & Laurie, Reeves and Mortimer or Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh.







Listings Information

Free Show

7pm 1h

Fiddlers Elbow Venue 71

3-24 of August

(Not 7th, 13th, 21st)

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