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Contractions by Mike Bartlett, is a modern satire which battles with the language and codes of conduct of the corporate business world. Fourteen meetings are presented solely between Emma and her Manager. Emma becomes deeply embroiled in a love affair with a fellow colleague. The Manager considers the relationship to be a breach of contract. The Manager as a consequence begins to probe and penetrate deep into Emma’s personal life.

Contractions shifts from a naturalistic grounding into absurdist realms, whilst maintaining a firm grip on the tragic – and comic – situation in the office. This play unhinges with its humour, maintaining professional lingo at the peak of the cruelty presented. Elongated awkward silences are breathed into the distance between the Manager and Emma, allowing the audience to delve into questions: of managerial power, of employees’ rights and of the more specific role of females in the workplace; as the tension and absurdity mounts. All in all,Contractions can be regarded equally as a compelling soap opera tragedy and a powerful satire for the age of technocrats.

Contractions is performed by SUDS, (Sussex University Drama Society). The 'Theatre Society' was founded shortly after the university in the 1962, and continued to about ten years before it split into the Musical Theatre Society and the Sussex University Drama Society (SUDS). SUDS is the second largest society in Sussex. SUDS alumni includes Michael Attenborough who was president of the society, among other notable figures. SUDS are frequent visitors to the Fringe Festival, but as individuals it is our Edinburgh debut. We hope that we can offer a refreshing and affecting drama, rehearsed in Brighton’s sea air.

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