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Written and performed by one-woman tour de force, Maddy Anholt, this outrageous show is at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013. 2nd- 10th August, 19:05-19:55.

Maddy’s Many Mouths is a side-splitting, breathless performance in which super-charged Maddy Anholt inhabits 12 diverse female characters. It tells the bizarre story of a woman with a peculiar compulsion to mimic the people she meets. Follow Maddy’s journey from childhood to adulthood, from the streets of London, via South Africa, to a dingy police cell, as she struggles to remember her real self and reunite with her first true love.

A massively successful early production sold out at London’s Canal Café Theatre, was featured on BBC Radio London and spotted by So-Media who filmed a pilot of the show. Now, for the first time, Edinburgh audiences can see Maddy morph before their very eyes. Do not miss this outstanding new talent! Maddy’s Many Mouths “…allows Anholt a perfect vehicle for her incredible talent for impersonation and accents…” (UK Theatre Network)

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