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Join the embittered Sir Julian Chappes, creator of everyone's third-favourite period drama, as he introduces a 50-minute improvised episode of his classic, Upstairs Downton. Shunned by the “oafish nincompoops” at the BBC because of the apparent similarities between his show and 86% of their current output, Julian has retreated to the stage. Free from distractions such as scripts, cameras and budgets, each new episode is created entirely from the audience’s suggestions – in Upstairs Downton: The Improvised Episode.

Upstairs Downton has quickly gained a reputation for rapid-fire gags, genre-bending and glorious silliness. This spoof is inspired by period dramas like Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey, with all their twists, turns and extended meaningful stares. But you don't need to be a fan of coat-tails and entails to appreciate the show’s unique brand of fast-paced period lunacy.

After sell-out shows at London Impro Fest 2012 and Bristol's What the Frock?, Upstairs Downton is making its Edinburgh debut with Bob Slayer's Heroes of Fringe at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival. A talented cast includes Funny Women 2012 finalist Viv Groskop (“Brilliant”, Jo Brand), novelist Christopher Shevlin (“you can’t help being tickled”, The Guardian) and Simon Lukacs of The Apocalypse Game Show (“timely, witty and hugely enjoyable”, Time Out). Expect strange stories of subterfuge, greed, ambition and soufflés – with daft plot twists, silly hats and sillier accents.

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