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The Bugiardini teamed up in 2008, creating a melting pot of laughs and uncontrollable side effects. Sharing their passion for theatre with particular interest towards improvisation, they constructed a path, which occupies them not only with producing theatrical production and events but also with formation, research and experimentation. The Bugiardini have been guests at the excellence that is the Loose Moose Theatre of Calgary in Canada and the Second City of Chicago, USA. Today known in the improv world as one of the most interesting on their national territory, the Bugiardini dream is to create an “Theatrical Establishment of Improvisation” in Rome, similar to those in the most important capital cities of Europe and worldwide today. In the mean time, they carry their artistic route forth, creating different projects and numerous productions with the collaboration of the best improvisers on the Roman scene, just as “Shhh! An Improvised Silent Movie” has come about and will be presented at the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh.

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