The Alleycats

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University of St Andrews

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The Alleycats


Young, mischievous and ready to drop some fresh beats,

The Alleycats sing everything from hip-hop mash-ups to Motown and soul – dance moves included.

The thirteen vocalists in this high-energy act provide award-winning contemporary a cappella, combining a full range of male and female voices amid a velvety blend.

The Alleycats were set up by a group of friends ten years ago who shared their love of singing over a pint in the pub, and much to their delight, discovered the enjoyment that their music could evoke. Originally an all-male group, in 2007 The Alleycats opened their doors to female members and began working their way towards the rich sound they have today.

The group regularly performs at a variety of public and private functions, with credits including national appearances on Choir of the Year 2012, the BBC's Last Choir Standing, along with award-winning performances in consecutive finals of the UK's Voice Festival competition.

So whether you’re learning your ABCs, or losing them to the sands of time, The Alleycats are sure to provide you with purr-fect entertainment for any occasion.

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