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Rahul Kohli, an aspiring comedian, is 21, from Newcastle Upon Tyne, and just graduated from the University of Sheffield in July. This is his debut show at Edinburgh called Human Happiness? An Alien Concept? He’s been doing the open mic scene for just under a year. On his 3rd gig, he reached the Mr Bens Comedy Club's New Act of the Year Final, and is still to compete in his heat for So You Think You’re Funny. With topics ranging from Geordie Shore to the use of drone attacks in the war on terror to Buddhist ideology, all intertwined with his path for enlightenment and his place in the universe, an epic adventure ironically staged on a stationary bus, this comedy show is sure to turn heads of both the press and punters at this year’s Fringe

Dates: 1st – 16th August, 18th – 25th August 2013

Time: 10.30pm – 11.15pm

Location: Top deck of the comedy bus, The Free Sisters

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