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The link between childhood trauma and adult love-life told by means of a comic analysis of superheroes' lives.

Superheroes are beings with super-human powers, seemingly invincible. However, they seem to need LOVE more than any of us. Often they live impossible, unfulfilling and tormented love stories which sometimes turn into toxic relationships with people who ignore their real identity or stimulate the superheroes’ dark side. This is because almost each and every superhero had an unhappy childhood, a scar that shaped their personality in one way or the other and, more important, has made them particularly sensitive to a specific type of partner...

Tom Corradini ( Comedian, actor, writer and clown, Tom Corradini studied at the Atelier Teatro Fisico di Philip Radice (Lecoq method) in Turin, Italy. Finalist in in many Italian comedy festivals. He likes experimenting with every comical genre being pushed by a troubled inner soul… as a funambolist suspended over the abyss.

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