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Charlie Dupré Presents: The Stories of Shakey P

12.30pm atThe Banshee Labyrinth Banqueting Hall, 4th-25th August (not 13th or 21st)

Charlie Dupré, also known in the hip hop scene as Charlie D, is a rapper and spoken word artist who has received much acclaim on the London performance poetry circuit, as a multiple slam winner and a two-time Hammer and Tongue National Finalist. As a rapper he performs with Swing n Bass pioneers, Dutty Moonshine, and has a number of solo releases scheduled for later in the year.

His unique compilation at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe fuses classical playwriting and hip hop in an electrifying lyrical brew. Featuring a rap battle between Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe, a regretful eye cast back over his life from Macbeth, and a psychotic look into Hamlet’s internal world, each of Charlie’s spoken word pieces uses rap and rhythm to retell some of the best known works with a riveting contemporary slant.

This is a free, non-ticketed show. All enquiries to

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