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Chris Savage King is a writer and performer. She is author of two novels - Masquerade (1986) and Do What You Want (1999), a book of short stories - Spoiled for Choice (2001) and a collection of poems - Ride the Rapids (2000)

She has held two Writer in Residence posts at UK prisons, producing and appearing in The Who”s Tommy and a punk rock version of Oliver Twist. She has been a singer for The Desperate Ones and Voice Orchestra. Her book of plays - Urban Romances - was published last year and is available from

Reviews of previous work

'Deliciously brutal...Expertly structured, wonderfully bitter and explicit...Horribly excellent'

Terry Ramsey, Evening Standard

Rarely does writing and performance combine so eventfully. Rarely, too, is talent demonstrated in both areas...a tour de force in every sense.'

Nick Awde, The Stage

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