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Alison Trower


Originally from the North East, and based in London, Alison's fascination lies with our experience of 'inside' and 'outside' our consciousness. She has sailed close to the wind in foolhardy experiences of 'out there', living in extreme conditions and encountering a spectrum of people along the way. She brings observations from 18 months travel into her work, and collaborates with audience and actors, using film in her research as well as stage to inspire questions big and small.

Alison has trained in arts and performance, and has gigged on the literary and, recently, the comedy circuit. Her London playwriting debut was at Lilian Baylis Theatre, Saddler's Wells in 2004 and was an acclaimed work of five years as writer in residence with TheATRE hE Mme.

Her solo show is the result of her inquiry into perception and the way we think and talk about ourselves

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