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Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2014

El Británico (Wrestling Reality)

New drama

by Alex Brockie

The ONLY ‘wrestling play’ at the Fringe this year… what could be more ‘Fringe’ than that?

El Británico is a pull-no-punches play about a British-born Mexican wrestling star whose short-lived career has left him disabled, destitute and descending into madness. Terry (Británico), just 36, has lost everything and now the living room of his wife’s council flat becomes the fitting venue for one final showdown, this time with the demons of his past. However, with his mind and his marriage on the line is this a match even the former El Británico can win?

El Británico is presented by emerging Midlands based theatre maker Alex Brockie. The play’s central themes of fame, violence and abuse present a great challenge to conventional moral values. Having toured the Midlands developmentally in 2013 early audience reactions have been overwhelmingly positive and now, as part of Edinburgh Fringe 2014, El Británico can be seen exclusively at theSpace on the Mile (Space 2) - for the second week of the festival only.

“The balance of humour and pathos is carefully crafted to deliver a powerful emotional hit!”

– Kate Kavanagh Theatre Fever, 2013

Venue: theSpace on the Mile (Space 2)

Date: 11-16 August

Time: 17:05

Duration: 50 minutes

Tickets: £6 (£5)

Venue Box Office: 0131 510 2382

Media Contact: Alex Brockie

Tel: 07714171987


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