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Jay Handley


Over the course of his show Jay Handley shares comic insights, anecdotes and stories relating to himself, politics, romance and society at large.

It is... in unequal parts... touching, thought-provoking, hilarious and ever so slightly musical.

In his time on the circuit Jay Handley has performed at some of the biggest and best clubs in the country including, The Comedy Store, The Glee Club, The Stand, Jongleurs, Highlight, Baby Blue and The Frog an Bucket.

He also runs his own regular gig in Birmingham called Fat Penguin (now in its 4th year) which has a fantastic reputation among both punters and acts.

"A top class comic with a great mix of material that ranges from physical comedy to non-preachy, but really funny attacks on corporate greed... his gags are imaginative, polished and proper proper funny..."

- 4 Good Comedians

"Go see his show!"

- Broadway Baby

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