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Based in Leeds, Cormac performs regularly in Scotland, the North of England and the midlands. His first solo Edinburgh show - Jobby Hunter, telling the story of his difficulties in finding post-graduate employment, was a great success, with large attendance and generous donations earning the performer a tidy profit. Cormac built on his experience with a second show that will informed the public on just why he has never managed to be one of the alpha males he lusts over and he always assumed he would become.

In the upcoming festival, Friel is exploring his childhood dreams the morning encounter he had with an LA waitress that made him realise he would never achieve them. "Breakfast Epiphanies" is sure to be a must-see. Come and golightly

Cormac's comedy helped him to grow a committed following among viewers of his shows, with his performance generally making all the women of the audience laugh heartily and all the men plan an alternative, better-lit route home.

“Delivered with a delicious flair” (Broadway Baby)

“Very easy to imagine this young man with a very bright future” (ScotsGay)

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