Two Faced Bitchin'

Fri 3rd – Wed 22nd Aug 2018


“Sketch Comedy in shoulders pads, set to a bitchin' beat.”





Hunt & Murphy


‘Two Faced Bitchin’, is a high octane, all singing all dancing, 80’s inspired, dark comedy sketch show! Think Mommy Dearest and Grey Gardens with a dash of Julia Davis’ ‘Hunderby', all set in the power dressed world of Cassandra Hunt and Cynthia Murphy, co-founders and CEO’s of worldwide franchise phenomenon: Two Faced Bitchin’™️. Meet those they ride the highs, and weather the lows with, from cooky English relatives, the wrong crowd in LA, to the mentors in rehab! Perfect smiles can’t hide the fact there is a crack in the Bitchin’ corporate veneer. As dark secrets from the past arise, how far will these friends go to stay at the top?

Admission: £6(£5)


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