To Have Done With the Judgement of God

Thu 2nd – Mon 27th Aug 2018


“War is wonderful, isn't it?”





Fear No Colours


How many pounds of flesh does it take to feed a god? The Earth Mother Gaia is in chains, a flesh mechanic tasked with breeding men in infinite numbers to feed a war machine in the name of the modern gods. The battle between god and earth is unending, and in the barren wastelands between them, wretched bodies crawl across the ground in a savage howl from birth to decay. Helpless flesh is taught to move, to stand and walk and become the children of civilization, as the wheel of time continue its endless and torturous revolution.

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the death of Antonin Artaud, and his invaluable contribution to modern performance practices, Fear No Colours are proud to present a new physical adaptation of his final, staggering masterpiece.

The play savagely tears into its time, its future and the very flesh of its creator, asking what it will take for humanity to free itself from perceived judgement, in order to finally ‘dance the wrong side out’

Admission: £9.50(£7.50) – £11.50(£9.50)

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