Crash-Bang Cabaret

Wed 2nd – Sun 27th Aug 2017


“Soundbite to be specified”





Jojo Bellini


JoJo Bellini, the busty, brassy, salacious songstress, returns to The Fringe with a hilariously naughty cabaret about car accidents, kink and cucumbers.

Who is this woman?

Where has she come from?

How did she recover from such a crippling car accident?

Why is she touching me?

Why isn’t she touching me?

Is this love?

Yes. Yes it is.

So sit back and indulge in the unbridled naughtiness, clowning and comedy that is JoJo Bellini.

JoJo’s latest show, Crash-Bang Cabaret! is both uproarious and heartfelt – half her stories are very silly and very filthy, whilst the other half invites her audience to take a look behind the scenes of the on-stage character. In 2003 JoJo was involved in a horrific car accident that saw her heart stop on the operating table and afterwards she was told that she’d never walk again. While she’s never hidden this fact – she’s also never really talked about it on stage before.

In Crash-Bang Cabaret she opens her heart and also defies the life her doctors consigned her to as she brings an all-singing, all-dancing tribute to every risqué opportunity that she’s grabbed by the horn (literally) since then.

From concussions and cracked ribs to cucumber and kink, come and indulge in the unbridled naughtiness, clowning and comedy that JoJo Bellini is about to let loose!

Accompanied by the songs and delights of Robbie Williams, Shirley Bassey & Rod Stewart, to name a few, JoJo brings the show of her life to the stage with her undeniably saucy style, raucous acts and utterly amazing boobs talents!


The Stand Comedy Club

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