Meeting at 33

Mon 7th – Fri 18th Aug 2017


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Second Circle Theatre


Alcohol is the world's most widely used drug; it is also one of the most destructive. It plays a huge part in our culture but alcoholism is seldom discussed.

A new piece of verbatim theatre created through extensive anonymous interviews with addicts, Meeting at 33 offers a unique opportunity to experience an alcoholics’ recovery meeting.

These meetings are happening all around us, all the time. While the people in those rooms never chose to be there, they are privy to some remarkable personal storytelling.

"You've got the popular image of the alcoholic on the park bench and all the rest of it but... many people look like me. I had a job, big house, a wife, three children."

In their pioneering new production, Second Circle sets out to unveil a subject which is all too frequently kept taboo.

Through hope and humour, light and shade, Meeting at 33 invites you for tea, biscuits and stories of miraculous human strength - a chance to consider the universal addictive tendencies which live within us all.

Second Circle Theatre are an innovative company that blur the line between theatre and reality. We are fascinated by humanity and strive to provide an authentic voice for people and their stories. The company were finalists for the prestigious Charlie Hartill Special Reserve, 2017.

In Meeting at 33, the stories are collated to respond and react to each other and the people in the space. In this way, we invite our cast to engage with their audience, responding in real time and creating authentic connections to the viewer. Through extensive interviewing, we have a wealth of material to draw from. We have developed an innovative, flexible structure allowing different combinations of stories to be told at each ‘meeting’. This has enabled us to communicate the many different experiences of what it is to be an alcoholic. This summer, we are bringing: 16 true stories, 8 company members and 2 alcoholics’ recovery meetings to the fringe festival – which one will you attend?

Admission: £10(£9)

The Pleasance Courtyard, 60 Pleasance EH8 9TJ (Salvation Army)

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