HAPPY ZAPPY HOUR! - For Troopers

Wed 8th – Sun 26th Aug 2018


“A Hilarious Blend of Standup, Sketch & Character Comedy, Improv, Storytelling and Fooling.”





Jody Deane


Jody is a professional actor, comic and writer.

This is Jody's fringe debut solo comedy show at Edinburgh. Written, directed and produced by Jody, Happy Happy Hour! is a rollercoaster ride into identity, happenstance, history, and absurdity.

Get ready to step into the comedy that is Jody and his ridiculous take on life. Relax in wonder as he peels away the façade, with self his self-examining madcap musings, and then introduces you to a wild world of hilarious characters. Let him take you by the hand to meet his grandparents who celebrate RAF and Empire. Get to know a wannabe hipster Frenchman named Francois. There’s a strange meeting in a museum and an improv character slam. Things can get edgy. Served up with the odd fully improvised song fuelled by your suggestions and guided by the moment, you - and he - will discover that anything can happen in this explosive blend of standup, storytelling, clowning, character comedy, improv and fooling!’

Admission: £5

Just the Tonic at the Caves

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