Tamar Broadbent: Best Life

Thu 2nd – Sun 26th Aug 2018


“Award-winning songwriter Tamar Broadbent is back and this time she’s asking – how do you know if you’re living your best life? ”





Tamar Broadbent


Award-winning songwriter Tamar Broadbent is back and this time she’s asking – how do you know if you’re living your best life? If you’re not, how do you go about changing it? This exciting musical comedy about ambition, anxiety and avocados promises to be her best show yet.

Tamar is broke, overwhelmed by life and in a complicated relationship with Netflix. Aims for life - find dream job, change the world, go for brunch! Developed by Tamar and Sara Joyce (Dust, Edinburgh Fringe and Soho Theatre; Win Bin, the Old Red Lion; The Scar Test, Soho Theatre), Best Life brings together mesmerising musical theatre, beautifully written songs and highly relatable observational comedy for which Broadbent’s dedicated Edinburgh audiences love her.

Tamar explores ambition and womanhood in a relevant way, asking how we can find love in the world of modern romance, how to be a ‘good feminist’ and why you mustn’t compare yourself to others… With comedy and a smile, Tamar brings music to issues including sexism in the workplace, class in today’s society and social anxiety.

Tamar Broadbent comments This is a character musical about a girl who wants to change the world, and not just so she can post about it on Instagram. In a world where there is so much choice, how do you know that you’ve chosen the right path? How do you know what you’re supposed to be doing? Is social media warping our perspective of the world and ourselves? What is happiness and can you ever find happiness if you’re waiting for your existence to be validated with ‘likes’? Let’s find out!

Tamar Broadbent is a comedian, actor, singer, improviser, musician, playwright and award-winning songwriter. Having won the Stiles & Drewe Best New Song Award, been a finalist on both the Amused Moose Laugh Off and the Funny Women Awards, written for BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show and Sketchtopia and featured on Comedy Central online ’s Ones To Watch, Tamar is best known for her funny, catchy songs about single life in your twenties which she has toured around the UK and internationally.

There’s an honesty to Broadbent’s work that resonates deeply with her fellow millennials and while her references – Tinder, Facebook and hipsters – are refreshingly contemporary, she maintains a universal appeal. Diverse compositions include light ballads and rock beats but it’s the connection this artist makes with her audience that signifies a bright future (The Stage).

Admission: £9(£8)

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