King Lear (alone)

Sun 12th – Wed 15th Aug 2018


“Was Shakespeare right to kill off King Lear at the end of his play? ”







This fascinating opportunity takes us along Lear's ensuing spiritual journey following the news of Cordelia's death, allowing us to re-examine the original play's themes and insights from a completely different angle by losing the other 29 characters of the original. King Lear (alone) has toured nationwide for the past 4 years, with 4 and 5 star reviews:

“ . . . intense, hour-long examination of the central character’s psyche.”

“A thoroughly satisfying and thought-provoking reworking of a familiar play.”

“I left the theatre feeling like I’d been exposed to a flawed individual at their most honest – and that honesty is something as terrifying, courageous and honourable as ruling a nation.”

“A magnificent, strong piece of high art theatre playing nicely with Shakespeare’s King Lear.”

“A powerful voice on the subject of humanity and the worth of truth and words.”

“Young’s performance in general was a powerhouse. I left in no doubt that for the hour he spent on the stage he was Lear.”

“King Lear (Alone) gives the audience much to think about, with rich symbolism in an engaging interpretation.”

“King Lear (alone) is a gripping production.”

“A seasoned Bob Young plays King Lear with depth and intensity.”

“Its ground-breaking angle will definitely appeal to the culture vultures.”

“The formidable performance given by Bob Young makes it compelling viewing”

Admission: £10

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