Tintin and The Empty Monocle

Fri 17th – Sun 19th Aug 2018


“Soundbite to be specified”





Pocket Egg Productions


Tintin's past comes back to haunt him: his racism in colonial Africa, and the pleasure killings of endangered animals; his objectification of Native Americans; his ignorant views of Bolsheviks in Soviet Russia. Like so many former role models in these times, the public ask themselves whether they can still like Tintin, especially since he seems to have moved on after his adventures in China. Tintin himself is distraught, and his friend Haddock's only help is to offer him the bottle. It looks like things at Marlinspike Hall are falling apart, until the old gang are dragged together for one last adventure, forcing them to unite and to grow as people, to realise the errors of their ways, and, most of all, to take down the baddies!

With live music and drinks all round, come and enjoy an immersive and intimate Tintin experience.

Starring Bertie Gleave as Tintin and Ed Meltzer as Captain Haddock

Admission: Free

The Basement Flat

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