The Abode

Thu 2nd – Thu 16th Aug 2018


“An 80s-style adventure story follows Samuel into the alt-right. Can his sister Wendy save him from the Troll King before it’s too late?”





Pepperdine Scotland


Is it okay to punch a Nazi? What if that Nazi is your brother? Welcome to the subconscious fantasy realm of oppressed white American men! Davey Anderson's new play follows young Samuel into the alt-right. Samuel feels like an outsider, unvalued in his own country. That is until the Trolls invite him into their vibrant secret community which unites gamers, pick up artists, anti-feminists, white supremacists, and now Samuel too.. Only Samuel’s sister Wendy has sufficient belief in him to risk entering this retro-futurist labyrinth to retrieve him from the grip of its Troll King. Despite being a story of contemporary politics, society and technology, The Abode sits firmly within a tradition stretching back to Orpheus in the Underworld. Performed by an ensemble cast of 12 with a live-mixed-onstage soundscape, Fringe First winners Pepperdine Scotland and Davey Anderson return with an 80s-style adventure story about hate speech, censorship, political division within families and what it means to be an activist.

Admission: £7 – £11

Underbelly Cowgate (Big Belly)

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