Animal Management

Fri 3rd – Sun 12th Aug 2018


“The Experiment: One observation room, two psychologists and six young patients. Stress them, test them and see what happens…”






Sundial Theatre Company


The Sundial Theatre Company are back in Edinburgh this year with their new show, ‘Animal Management’. Determined to create work that actually says something, the company works with writer Duncan Walthew to give exciting opportunities for young performers, creating characters and situations that challenge the imaginations of both the actors and their audiences.

Their 2016 Edinburgh Fringe show, ‘After the Flood’, set at the top of a tower block in a flooded city, was a ”wonderfully intelligent, thought-provoking and very mature piece of speculative fiction that offers us a look into a dark and frighteningly plausible future.” An effective thriller, the show’s success was also based on nuanced performances and truthful acting, partly achieved because of the company’s workshop process that allowed the writer to collaborate closely with the cast; a process they have repeated this year.

Sundial return to the near-future with their latest piece ‘Animal Management,’ but this time the focus is on education instead of the environment. In the world of the play, with normal classrooms failing students, a new conditioning unit has been built to brainwash six of them into passing their exams. Not only that, they’re being streamed as role models for the rest of the school. Of course, things don’t go as planned.

The play is not afraid to ask big questions. What will schools become when so many jobs are taken over by automation-will they become automated too? What would happen if teaching was replaced by psychological conditioning to improve exam results? ‘Animal Management’ confronts head-on the rising tide of problems affecting young adults today: lack of prospects, declining mental health and an ever-changing education system that seems to be trying to trip them up, and puts them into a tense, ruthless and funny hour of exciting ensemble theatre.

Admission: £8(£6)

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