Sid Singh: American Bot

Thu 2nd – Sun 26th Aug 2018


“‘Nothing fazes Sid Singh…wonderful stuff. Do go.’ Kate Copstick, The Scotsman ”





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Following his first solo stand-up album, Amazing, Probably, which went to number 3 in the iTunes Comedy Chart, Sid Singh returns to the Edinburgh Fringe to tear a strip off Silicon Valley’s tech culture (yes, Apple included!), its pervasiveness in our lives and the sexism and racism that reigns in the Valley itself.

Silicon Valley is continually in the news, whether it be about the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos (CEO and Founder of Amazon), Facebook, a website that helped spread fake news and swing a presidential election and it’s future presidential candidate (this wording is slightly confusing), known to Sid as: “Mark Fucking Zuckerberg.”

Sid Singh grew up in Silicon Valley and saw it evolve into a playground for the rich, watching the area’s liberal values fall away. In American Bot, Sid looks at how the Black Lives Matter movement and the #MeToo movement were supported financially by Valley ‘philanthropists’, but how their actions actually failed to support either in a tangible way. “Apple have done more for black turtlenecks than Black Lives Matter” says Sid, “but thanks for my iTunes ranking all the same.”

One of Sid’s targets is Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal. “Conservatives like Thiel effec-tively try to take over by espousing a libertarian viewpoint” says Sid, “that only makes sense if a) you’re a white male with tons of money or b) you're an idiot.”

‘Sid is so great! He's like the new Louis CK, because he can talk about anything and make you laugh. Nothing is off limits, but everything makes you think...once you're done laughing.’

Kat Sedita, MTV Producer

Sid Singh is a regular at numerous clubs in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego in-cluding Night Train with Wyatt Cenac, and The Tony Show (run Comedy Central’s Adam Atamanuik). Among his television credits are Living the Life (Islam Channel), Greatest Party Story Ever Told (MTV), Night Train With Wyatt Cenac (NBC). On radio Sid has appeared on BBC Radio Four’s Inconspicuous Consumption, BBC Asian Network, Fresh Air Radio, and Mutiny Radio. Sid has appeared on Kurt Metzger and Sherwood Small’s popular podcast Race Wars and weekly on legal podcast The Law is My Ass. Sid’s debut stand-up album, Amazing, Probably, is available on Stand Up Records, iTunes, and an-ywhere else albums are sold and reached number 3 on the iTunes US Comedy chart and number 13 on the Billboard Comedy Album Chart.

'Sid Singh. Sid is on the rise. You can hear it in the San Francisco Bay Area na-tive’s debut, Amazing! (Probably), recorded in his hometown. He challenges San Francisco’s progressive seriousness immediately, dances in the purgatory of his late 20s, and leans into awkwardness with an effacing charm.’


‘Sid is a great joke writer. His material feels cutting edge because he talks about what Asian men are going through right now.’

Andrew Jaico, sketch writer for Upright Citizens Brigade

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