Rory O’Keeffe: The 37th Question

Sat 4th – Sun 26th Aug 2018


“‘Tightly composed and expertly delivered romp’ EdFringeReview ★★★★★ ”





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Stuart and Zoe meet for their first date and do ‘The 36 Questions’, an infamous psycho-logical experiment designed to make strangers fall in love.

It works.

Now, after four years as a couple, is it time for the next question?

36 Questions. 1 couple. 1 interactive, Choose Your Own Adventure-style story. How does it end - you decide!

Questions. Choices. Dating. Love. Coupledom. Jealousy. Secrets and Spanish lessons. It’s all here. It’s ‘will they, won’t they?’ all the way to ‘won’t they, will they?’ - and back again.

Award-winning comedian Rory O’Keeffe makes his first foray into the celebrated, grown-up and pretentious comedy/theatre hybrid world of storytelling. Or ‘Rorytelling’*.

*he promises not to make this pun in the show

‘Thoughtful and self-aware, some of the better stand-up you’ll see at this year’s Fringe’

★★★★ Broadway Baby

‘Intelligent youngster’ (Time Out) Rory O’Keeffe is a stand-up comedian, actor and writ-er. He is a former member of confusingly-named trio ‘Rory & Tim’ who won Audience Choice at London SketchFest 2013. In 2016, he took his debut stand-up show Monoglot to the Pleasance. It was about learning Italian. He still does not speak Italian. In 2017, his follow-up Rorytelling was about losing his faith and his bag. It brought neither back. His sitcom script Lapsed was recently read at Soho Theatre and his latest show debuted at Vault Festival before coming to the Fringe.

Rory currently writes interactive fiction apps for Fusebox Games, which inspired the style of The 37th Question.

‘Make no mistake: this is a downright clever show. Rory O’Keeffe is a comedy diamond.’

★★★★ Edinburgh 49+3

‘Rory O’Keeffe is a refreshing wee marvel.’

★★★★ The Mumble

'Acutely well-observed and cringingly funny.’

Fest ★★★★

Admission: Free

Cinema Room, The Banshee Labyrinth

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