Grossed Out Game Show

Fri 21st – Sun 30th Aug 2015


“Riotously noisy fun for kids of all ages, winner of Sydney Fringe ‘Best Kids Show’ ”





Matty Grey


Sell-out smash hit Australian special event for kids of all ages (5+). A riotously anarchistic live and interactive game show where two guest team captains each lead half of the audience in a battle of physical challenges and trivial absurdities in order to win! The team that wins the challenges earns litres of slime to pour over the other team captain.

The team that wins more, SLIMES more!

‘A vibrant slice of vaguely orchestrated, interactive anarchy’ Sydney Morning Herald

Each show will see a different pair of celebrity team captains (plucked from other Fringe shows) lead their half of the audience through a series of gross and stupid games. Some of these involve the whole audience working together in their teams, others allow a lucky few to be picked to join their captain on stage.

‘A masterclass in audience interaction’ ***** Herald Sun

Host Matty Grey, the multi-coloured master of munchkin mayhem, orchestrates this riotous whirlwind of insanity and as judge always has the final word. Joined onstage by his two assistants, Prof. Kit E Kat and Dr Cool, Matty is no stranger to bias, letting creative cheating slip by unnoticed. He leads us all on a merry dance towards a green finale that has to be seen to be believed.

‘Unmissable… this is how you do a freaking children’s Fringe show!’ ***** Adelaide Advertiser

Winner of Best Kids Show at the Sydney Fringe the show sold out its entire season at the 2014 Melbourne Comedy Festival in just 10 minutes.

See a promo video here http://bit.ly/1JM8Bzb

‘The only thing that’s predictable is you are going to have fun’ InDaily

Matty Grey is a Sydney based professional kids comedian. He is especially fond of creating interactive shows that encourage kids and their parents to laugh together, to get out of their seats and participate.

*No audience members (or critics) get SLIMED during this show...it's just lots of good clean fun.

Admission: £10(£9)

Assembly George Square

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