FEEL-LINKGroundbreaking urban street dance

Fri 5th – Sat 20th Aug 2016


“Groundbreaking urban street dance”





Urban Dance Theatre Low Air


Airida Gudaitė and Laurynas Žakevičius represent a new generation of Lithuanian dancers and choreographers. Feel-Link explores the feelings and insights evoked by a couple’s experience of love past, present and future, using an expressive vitality to bring a frank and fresh approach to a timeless topic.

Feel-Link was the first urban/hip-hop dance production in Lithuania and on its debut was nominated for the prestigious Lithuanian Golden Stage Cross theatre awards (for Best Debut of the Year) and they were awarded that competition’s Best Choreographers the following year.

Feel-Link features an evocative electronica soundtrack that ultimately gives way to the passion and sophisticated rawness of Nina Simone’s Feelings as the dancers engage in a seemingly endless cycle of repressed feelings that ultimately come to an astonishing conclusion. A captivating and physical performance for anyone who has ever been in love.

‘A subtle, poetic and emotionally eloquent conversation in motion’ Kulturpolis (Lithuania)

Airida Gudaitė and Laurynas Žakevicius established Low Air in 2012 as the first urban dance company in Lithuania. They aim to uncover the artistic potential of street dance and introduce it to theatre lovers everywhere. They first met on a TV dance contest and shortly after came to prominence by winning another, along with festival appearances and as winners of several awards. They are currently working on a modern interpretation of Stravinski’s classical ballet The Rite of Spring that features contemporary and street dance as well as live music. Laurynas is also involved in a project where improvised contemporary and urban dance are used to help improve social skills for young offenders.

‘A lithe and supple street dance performance’ Delfi Magazine (Lithuania)

Arts Printing House is a non-profit artist-run space based in the old town of Vilnius that seeks to develop a new understanding of creativity within modern society. FEEL-LINK is one of a group of four Lithuanian dance shows at Zoo in the 2016 Fringe.

Admission: £12(£10)

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