The Mid-Knight Cowboy

Sat 3rd – Sat 10th Aug 2013


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Honest Arts Production Company


The Mid-Knight Cowboy is a one man theatrical piece, in which Actor Pius McGrath tells of the journey a young man takes to find his place in the world through his sexual exploits and vicarious lifestyle.

McGrath tells the story of how William MacCumhaill went from being a shy insecure teenager to a brash cock of the walk strutting twenty nine year old, now reflecting on his life thus far. The audience is given an insight into what it means to be a male conforming to the norms of a society which, in his opinion, no longer lauds the conventional traits of what it means to be a man. Traits which made his Father and Grandfather the men he aspired to be. He fell prey to an environment where being arrogant, egotistical and self absorbed subordinated the inherent characteristics of stoicism, honour, loyalty and courage, characteristics which he allowed to be 'swallowed whole' by meaningless sex.

Told with humour, honesty, and artistic fervour through raunchy real life experiences, this tale is a commentary on the metamorphosis inflicted upon him as tries to find contentment within himself by filling his emptiness with countless conquests and meaningless trysts.

Pius McGrath plays multiple characters, a young boy, the 29 year old and a grandfather predominantly, interjected with characters from comic instances. A fast paced, heart felt story of a live fast die young 21st century male. Told through innovative physical theatre, original soundscape and creative lighting. A social commentary on the economic boom generation that made audiences laugh and cry.

The show has previewed in Ireland and been received incredibly well, the audience related to the characters and were invested saying 'that story could have been mine'. We expected the theme and story to draw an audience aged between 18-35 which we feel is perfect for those that attend Fringe. However older audience members also responded extremely well. Every night people have been waiting until after the show to comment saying 'no one has ever made me laugh and cry like that' 'the most engaging performance I've seen this fringe'

Admission: £10.50(£8.50)

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