The Life and Times of Albert Lymes

Fri 5th – Fri 19th Aug 2011


“A hilarious and inventive one man show with a sharp surrealist wit.”





Tin Shed Theatre Co.


Albert Lymes has lived a less than extraordinary life... But all that's about to change. When his wife becomes a coconut and his dog starts penning letters Albert set's out on a journey of self discovery. Sometimes you have to lose your mind to find yourself. A hilarious and inventive one man show with a sharp surrealist wit.

Tin Shed Theatre Co. is a devising theatre company based in Newport, South Wales. Their work ranges from theatrical to immersive; their performance style varied “From Vaudeville to the bug eyed madness of Marty Feldman.” (Paul Conway, Playwright). Writing and devising stories which revolve around strange, sometimes morose, often comical characters, who inhabit a trans-quasi-world not quite like our own, the company prides it’s self in offering unique experiences... “We want to introduce our self to strangers, be bold and brave. Amaze with a tale and transport audiences to a place that, although remains detached from the literal, can still enlighten our perceptions of the real world.” Justin Cliffe

The company was formed in 2008 by Justin Cliffe, Georgina Harris & Antonio Rimola who created the company through a mutual passion to create a body of new and exciting work.

The Life and Times of Albert Lymes is Justin Cliffe’s (of Tin Shed Theatre Co.) début one-man-show. At first glance a comedic invention of epic proportions, at second glance a carefully orchestrated piece of character experimentation. Like The Lonely Mortician’s Guide to Myiasis (EdFringe 2010) Tin Shed Theatre Co. puts distinctive and unusual characters at the forefront of their stories.

The Life and Times of Albert Lymes tells the story of one unstable man dealing with the crumbling pieces of his life.

Comments on the company:

“Given a T.V Sketch Show, or Sitcom writing commission this bunch could probably come up with something pretty impressive.” Scotsman 2008

“Amazing... Full of talent and imagination” ***** Buzz Mag 2010

“Inspired!” Theatre-Wales.co.uk 2008

“More fun than having flies lay eggs under your skin!” Three Weeks 2010

Admission: Free

Laughing Horse @ Cafe Renroc

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