The Charlie Question

Mon 14th – Sat 19th Aug 2017


“Soundbite to be specified”

Je Ne Sais Quoi Theatre


'The Charlie Question' is a play that recounts the events of January 2015 – and more precisely the Charlie Hebdo shooting – through a mixture of verbatim and fictitious pieces. Most of the verbatim bits come from interviews done on the University of East Anglia campus and in Paris (of students, teachers, a newsagent, a bookseller...) and present different opinions about the cartoons, the event and free speech in general, while others are taken from a book by Charb - one of the Charlie Hebdo victims - or from footage found online. Although based on this shooting, the play aims to explore the impact the attack has had and still has today, the way we see/define freedom of speech and the way we react to such events.

Despite the attack having taken place two years ago, its impact and the themes that were raised in the days/weeks following it seem perhaps more relevant than ever, with such things as fake news becoming more an more of an issue in our society. What we aim to do through this play is open (or re-open) a discussion that is still relatively absent – sometimes taboo – in our conversations.

Admission: £7(£5)

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