Behind The Mirror

Sat 5th – Fri 25th Aug 2017


“Hugely successful a cappella musical representing Korea at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe grew from humble origins as a drama school project ”





GO Theatre Company


Performed without set, lighting changes or sound design, GO Theatre Company’s award-winning a cappella musical is created entirely by its performers, who perform impressive acrobatic feats while simultaneously singing. The show started as a school project by at the Korean National University of the Arts, and went on to tour nationally and internationally; it will be presented in the UK for the first time at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.Performed in Korean with English subtitles, Behind the Mirror tells the story of Yeoni, a princess’ maid, who steals her mistress’ belongings (including a prized mirror) and runs away to a cave the forest, developing a rich fantasy existence with Yaseng, a boy who has grown up in the forest. Yeoni happily pretends that she is the princess and teaches Yaseng to live like a normal human-being, but when she is discovered by spies seeking her and the stolen mirror her fantasy and her crime begin to unravel.With bodies arching, curling and stacked in pyramids to create impressive visual images – all while the entire company sing, scat and create delicate soundscapes –Behind the Mirror make a beautiful immersive story for people of all ages, inspired by the traditional Korean tale of the princess PyeongGang who turns an ordinary man into a general.

Admission: £12.50(£10.50)

C venues - C+1

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